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A I S T E   J U R G I L A I T E 

Born in 1971 in Lithuania. In 1997 graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, awarded Master of Arts degree.  2000 - Lithuanian Artists' Association.  2005 given art creator status.

"In recent years, I have adopted deeper colors combinations within my work, often including the integration of human silhouettes.  I'm interested in abstract colors and moods in harmony with realistic details.  This for me expresses the dualism within the world. What is important is not only the colors but also the feelings of conveyance.  I believe art is a constant quest for self.  This means experimenting with paints, creative freedom and anatomical form in order to understand self-knowledge.  Thus my hope is that my work raises universal questions of existence and each person viewing them realise this and gains answers they are looking for."

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E  X  H  I  B  I  T  I  O  N  S

2017 1. Solo exhibition "LIGHT SPEED" in the Vilnius Court of Appeal. 2.Solo exhibition "REFLECTIONS", in the Vilnius City District Court . 3. Solo exhibition "PYLIMO gallery", Vilnius, Lithuania. (newspaper "Lietuvos žinios") . 4. ART BOX PROJECT Basel 01. the artweeks in Basel, Switzerland . 5. Solo exhibition, Paveikslai.lt gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. 6. Solo exhibition, gallery "Paveikslai.lt", Kaunas, Lithuania.

2016  1.THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami, the artweeks in Miami,December 2016 . 2. Solo exhibition Business Center VERTAS, Vilnius .3. Solo exhibition,theater "Vaidilos", Vilnius. 4.Exhibition of paintings, restaurant "ERTLIO NAMAS", Vilnius. 5. (April and June) restaurant" L'Oiseau Bleu", Bordeaux, France.

2015 1. (May, June) International Festival of Art WHY SELF, 3 exposures, 2015 Venice, Italy. (www.itsliquid.com/interview-aiste-jurgilaite)  2. (September) exhibition, hotel "Seraphines", Bordeaux, France

2014 1. (September)  exhibition "Kelias", "Arka" gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013 1. (October) Biennial of Arts, invitee of honor, Crosne, France. 2. (September) Personal exhibition, MAISON DES ARTS, Montgeron, France.

2012 1. (September) Val artists of Fair Yerres Property Caillebote, firm adorned in Yerres, France.

2011 1. (July - August) Autumn Salon in Galicia, Spain. 2. (May) personal exhibition (organized for the twentieth anniversary of independence desPays Baltic (Baltic Touraine)), library, La Croix-en-Touraine, France. 3. (April, May) Exhibition "Art + exosphere", Fine Arts Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2010 1. (August, September International Exhibition "EUTOPIA", Neumunster Abbey, Luxembourg 2. (January) Group exhibition, gallery ARKA ,Vilnius

2009 1. (July, August)) of European Autumn Salon (organized by Grand Palace Paris), Sarria, Spain. 2. (November) Biennial art, Crosne, France.

2008 1. (July, August) European Autumn Salon, Sarria, Spain. 2. (Dec) Personal exhibition, House of Arts, Crosne, France, 3. (January) Exhibition "Lithuanian Paintings 2008" gallery "ARKA", Vilnius, Lithuania.

2007 1. (July, August) European Autumn Salon, Sarria, Spain. 2. (November) Biennial art, Crosne, France.

2006 1. (November) large format of the show, Montgeron, France. 2.salon artistic (1 prize of best canvas), Blere, France.

2005 1. Group exhibition, Eschborne museum, Germany. 2. Exhibition "east wind", Paris. 3. Group exhibition, gallery of "Party People", Crosne, France. Personal 4. Exhibition ITC, Perigueux, France .5. Personal exhibition, restaurant "Artemis", Montgeron, France.

2003 1. Galerie "Art et Actualite", Paris.

2002 1. "Expo of the six" Montgeron, France. 2. Group exhibition, gallery "Art et Actualite",  Paris. 3. Exposition of 5 Pavillon Charles X, St. Syr sur-Loire, France. 4. Personal exhibition, "Art Gallery", Corbeil-Essonnes, France.

2001 1. Personal exhibition C.M.C.L. Brunoy, France. 2. Exhibition of the group, "Artitude" Gallery, Paris. 3. Gallery "Land and Sea", Montgeron, France. 4. Gallery "Art et Actualite," Paris.

2000 1. Personal exhibition, Salle André Malraux, Yerres, France. 2. Personal exhibition, gallery "Maurice Mathurin", Tours, France. 3. Personal exhibition, restaurant "Le Coupole", Paris. 4. Personal exhibition space Bouquet André Villeneuve St. Georges, France. 5. International Fair, St. Genevieve des Bois, France...




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