paintings, artist Aiste Jurgilaite from Lithuania

In the last years I have been focusing on research and deepening. My sight to the
whole world is expressed through the colors.Transparency and light, always
ubiquitous. I think this is reflection of thevisible world, but is also about escaping the
mystery of our existence which is usually invisible for humans eyes. It feels like the
bottom of our soul. Real objects in my paintings are messengers of life, the footprints
of our dreams and ourselves, witnesses of our time on this Earth, as Scriptures hint
heir story.
My research focuses on the artistic brilliance of colors, lights and calligraphy.Relatively
abstract phenomenon and universal form inspires me to capture on few main things I am looking for depth and transparency in my paintings. Magical Scriptures immerse
myself in the desire of bringing up the message hat symbolizes our existence and our
I'm writing anything specific: observer can look at the table in the way he likes, what
he see, so I am trying to unleash his imagination...